Annual Review 2015/16

Suncorp is an integral part of the communities in which we live and operate. We develop partnerships to deliver ongoing benefits to causes and organisations that matter most to our people.

This includes our 10-year partnership with Youngcare and five-year partnership with ReachOut. We also provide a number of opportunities for our people to support causes at a grassroots level – whether it be a grant for the purchase of new sporting equipment at a local club, or a grant to help a close friend or family member in need.

Our commitment to communities also extends to minimising our environmental footprint. We continue to invest in new technologies to keep our employees connected, while reducing the need for air and road travel. We also work with all levels of government and key stakeholders to help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change through better planning and increased mitigation.

Our overarching commitment is ensuring that all of our investment, support and engagement activities make a positive difference to our people and communities.

Brighter futures

Since the program’s inception in 2011, Suncorp’s Brighter Futures Grants have empowered employees to make a difference by providing financial support to those who need it most – charities, community groups and individuals. The program engages and unites employees around their personal challenges, causes they are passionate about and provides support to their local community groups.

Until 2015, the program focused on Community Grants, enabling employees to nominate an individual, charity or community organisation to receive a grant of up to $10,000.

In 2016, a new category was introduced – Local Grants. This was created as a direct result of feedback received from employees who were wanting an option to support grassroots endeavours requiring a lower level of financial support.

In 2015/16 Suncorp awarded almost $550,000 in grants through the Brighter Futures program. Moving forward, we aim to expand our focus further and engage directly with community groups to make an even greater difference.

To read more about the Brighter Futures program and grant recipients, visit

In 2015/16, Suncorp contributed more than $8.8 million towards community projects and support.

Charles Stafford-dunn

Is a recipient of a brighter futures community grant which has helped him start his own small business.

Synergy Smash Repairs program changing lives

Synergy Smash Repairs is a certified non-structural motor repair facility providing training to troubled young people, helping them develop the skills and fundamental qualifications to transition into an apprenticeship or other long-term employment. The program is a partnership between Suncorp, Mission Australia and the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council and marked its second anniversary in 2016.

The program’s success was highlighted in an independent report which found Synergy is:

  • An innovative, financially sustainable enterprise producing ‘transformative’ lifelong impacts for youth participants in terms of social participation, wellbeing, mental health, employment and a life away from crime.
  • Reducing the societal burden of juvenile motor vehicle offending with the diversion program offering potential public savings of up to $440,000 per participant.
  • Addressing skills shortages and helping break the cycle of crime and disadvantage with 65% of participants transitioned into an apprenticeship, or undertaking further education - an excellent result considering most young people came to the program via juvenile detention and/or complicated social backgrounds.

Luke White, 19, is one of the Synergy success stories, now six months into a full time apprenticeship at a commercial workshop.

“A support worker referred me to the program and it literally changed my life. The leaders at Synergy taught me a lot about the job, but I learned a lot about adult life too,” Luke said.

Supporting Small Business

Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy and Suncorp is committed to supporting the growth and success of this important sector. In 2015/16, Suncorp Bank became a foundation partner of Collaborate – an industry first for Australia, bringing together innovative business services and thought leaders to explore new ways of solving issues impacting the business community.

A key focus of the Collaborate program was the #smallbusinesschallenge campaign, which encouraged businesses to resolve a series of challenges to foster innovation and growth. The challenge revealed more than 115 potential problem-solving concepts with the winners each receiving $100,000 to fund the creation of their initiative. The winners were also given the opportunity to work with start-up support organisation BlueChilli to launch their idea to the market. Suncorp was also a gold sponsor for the 2016 Queensland Small Business Week and was named Money magazine’s 2016 Business Bank of the Year.

Celebrating Youngcare Partnership

As a Foundation Partner of Youngcare, in 2015/16 Suncorp helped the charity celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Youngcare’s mission is to ensure every young Australian is living their life to the full. A priority is ensuring young people with high care needs have a choice when it comes to housing and care options, and Suncorp wholeheartedly agrees.

As part of many activities to mark this anniversary, Suncorp Insurance joined forces with Brisbane radio station Nova 106.9 and Channel 9 to support a team taking part in the 2015 New York Marathon. In the lead up to the event, Suncorp hosted weekly running clubs for staff and the wider community, as well as providing a support crew on the day of the marathon. The campaign raised awareness and much needed funds for the charity.


Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions reduction


increase in volunteering


proportion of office waste diverted from landfill


air travel reduction

Reducing our environmental footprint

The majority of Suncorp’s environmental impact is through its office buildings and customer service network. Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions have been further reduced in 2015/16 by 10%.

This is in part due to the Sydney real estate consolidation project, which involved moving more than 2,000 people to consolidate Suncorp’s four CBD buildings into three, with teams vacating 321 Kent Street.

The consolidation resulted in storage being reduced by 54%, with 400 desktop computers, 800 monitors, 400 handsets and 41 printers decommissioned as part of the process.

Further environmental benefits will be achieved when all employees in the remaining three Sydney CBD buildings relocate to Suncorp’s new premises in Shelley Street in 2017.

Electricity consumption and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions have also reduced. However, some of this is attributable to a change in the accounting method used for Suncorp’s electricity associated with after-hours air conditioning (AHAC). AHAC is now reported by building landlords.

Through the increased use of video conferencing, teleconferencing and tools such as Skype for Business, air travel has decreased dramatically during the year by approximately 30%. This has further flow-on benefits for the business and the environment as it has also meant a reduction in road transport costs associated with travel and a reduction in the number of annual hotel stays.

Climate Change

Suncorp works with all levels of government and key stakeholders to help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change through better planning and increased mitigation.

Suncorp recognises that an increase in the frequency and severity of natural hazard events impacts the community and business operations, and provisions are adjusted for such events each year.

In the past 12 months, Suncorp has actively promoted industry change for the benefit of consumers and publicly advocated for greater investment in natural disaster mitigation, particularly through the Protecting the North initiative.

Suncorp recognises that there is still more to be done and will continue to work with governments and local communities to identify ways to address climate change.