Annual Review 2015/16

Suncorp Group’s approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) is centred on driving shared value with our stakeholders, while managing the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities that impact our economic performance and social licence to operate. Our focus remains on areas of impact for Suncorp - industry leadership, customers, workplace, and communities.

Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality

Building meaningful stakeholder relationships is core to Suncorp’s purpose. Through focus groups, research and regular engagement Suncorp gains valuable feedback and insight, equipping the business to make informed decisions and remain relevant today and in the future.

Stakeholder engagement also plays an important role in meeting our CR commitments through regular materiality assessments. This engagement is shared across the Group, with specialist managers responsible for managing relationships with key stakeholder groups, so that we can understand and better respond to any of their concerns.

Suncorp Group's Key Stakeholders Include:

Governments and regulators
Business partners including key suppliers

An internal review conducted in 2015/16 identified and ranked the aspects most important to the Group and its key stakeholders. Major themes included ensuring robust governance and risk management processes to support Suncorp’s revised strategy; engaging, empowering and protecting our people through times of change; delivering value for our customers through a number of key initiatives, while being there for them when it matters most; and investing in our communities and protecting our environment through programs that help Create a better today.

These themes were identified through:

  • customer feedback
  • employee surveys
  • a comprehensive examination of industry trends
  • competitor analysis
  • research agency reports
  • World Economic Forum Global Risks Report
  • media monitoring
  • Suncorp Group’s reputation report prepared by research consultancy, amr.

This report details how we have managed and reported against the themes identified through the review.

GRI (4.0)

Suncorp’s reporting is influenced by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Guidelines (4.0). The GRI framework provides a globally accepted way for companies to report their economic, environmental and social performance.

An index of the GRI indicators reported by Suncorp is available from

Suncorp completes the Carbon Disclosure Project survey annually, is a participant of London Benchmarking Group and is globally recognised for Corporate Responsibility by the FTSE4Good Index.