Audette Exel AO

BA, LLB (Hons)
Non-executive director

Ms Exel has been a director of the Group since June 2012. She is a member of the Risk Committee. Ms Exel is the founder of the Adara Group and Chief Executive Officer of its Australian companies. Before establishing the Adara Group, she was Managing Director of Bermuda Commercial Bank (1993–1996), Chairman of the Bermuda Stock Exchange (1995–1996) and served on the board of the Bermuda Monetary Authority (1999–2005). Ms Exel began her career as a lawyer specialising in international finance. In 2013, she was awarded an honorary Order of Australia for service to humanity (through the Adara Group) in Uganda and Nepal and in 2014 was recognised by Forbes as a ‘Hero of Philanthropy’. In 2015, Ms Exel was inducted into the Australian Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame, and was a recipient of a World Class New Zealander Award. In 2016, she was named Australia’s 2016 ‘Leading Philanthropist’ by Philanthropy Australia.