At Suncorp, our people and business partners are passionate about creating value for all of our stakeholders and are inspired to know the work they do and the decisions they make contribute to a higher purpose that makes a difference.

Suncorp aims to provide a workplace that enables people to thrive. One that is inclusive, safe, customer focussed and innovative.
A positive workplace culture translates to improved productivity and a sense of pride that often results in better customer service.

Caring for our people's wellbeing and creating professional development opportunities is good for them and for our customers and shareholders.
Related activities:

  • Promoting flexibility in the workplace such as part-time, job share and work from home arrangements.
  • Implementing our Diversity strategy with an initial focus on gender equality, followed by mature aged and people with a disability.
  • Development of our leaders through training programs, business simulations, projects and e-learning that is tailored to their role.
  • Assessing employee engagement through an annual survey and developing plans to improve in areas identified by our people.