Suncorp is an integral part of the communities in which we live and operate. We develop partnerships to deliver ongoing benefits to causes and organisations that matter most to our people.

Community investment ranges from fundraising and volunteering to tackling serious social issues and addressing environmental challenges.

Suncorp seeks out strategic community partnerships to find solutions to problems that impact the business and its stakeholders.

A key element of ensuring community wellbeing is protecting the natural environment by reducing resource consumption and supporting improved environmental sustainability standards.

Related activities:

  • Supporting our people to donate, fundraise and volunteer in the community through our Brighter Futures Community Giving program.
  • Promoting road safety training, awareness and communicating the findings from research into driver behaviour.
  • Assisting communities with information about storm preparedness and natural disaster recovery.
  • Support the long-term viability of the communities and industries in which we operate
  • Consolidating office space to reduce environmental impacts and optimise business synergies through co-location of our people.
  • Providing easy to use waste recycle bins in major offices, reducing the amount of waste to landfill.
  • Supporting environmental sustainability standards in our supply chain.